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Our policies are a set of general guidelines that outline the Minnesota Genealogical Society’s plan for undertaking a particular topic. These policies also help all of us to communicate the connection between our vision and values and our day-to-day operations.

    Where can policies be found?

    If you are looking for any of our policies, then you’ve come to the right place. This page is a central location for you to find any of the policies we’ve developed for the organization.  Individual policies will also be shown in areas of our site that are relevant to that particular policy.

    How are policies used?

    Policies provide a framework for MGS decision-makers, staff, and volunteers to operate while making decisions relating to the society in a given situation. These policies help us run MGS much more smoothly and efficiently by ensuring everyone clearly understands how to handle these situations.

    How are policies determined and reviewed?

    New policies are regularly needed to deal with situations that arise in the life of our organization. We strive to have a proactive process that foresees eventual situations and provides a clear, existing guideline for everyone involved.

    Creating any new policy is a team effort. Staff, volunteers, and committee members develop our policies through research, brainstorming, and by reviewing the mission statement, vision and values of our organization. Their involvement in our policy process is important to ensure we have different perspectives on any given situation.

    Those policies are then reviewed and approved by the board of directors during their regular meetings throughout the year. In addition, our policies are reexamined periodically to ensure they remain relevant to the organization.

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